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The characters


Lili is a 6-year-old duckling, and Leo’s twin. She lives with her brother and Daddy Deary on the bottom floor of the huge willow tree that’s like a triplex. When she was only an egg, she was found and adopted by Daddy Deary (a raccoon). Lili is bubbly, impulsive and full of energy. She talks quickly, reacts quickly and thinks she knows everything.


Leo is a 6-year-old duckling and Lili’s twin. He lives with his sister and Daddy Deary in the bottom floor apartment of the willow tree triplex.When he was still an egg, he was also found and adopted by Daddy Deary. Leo is curious and more thoughtful than his sister.


Penelope Bunny is 6 years old. She lives with her mother, Mrs. Cottontail in the trunk of a fallen tree near the willow.She is the most naive of our three heroes and has a childlike way of seeing things. For example, while standing next to a fresh rain puddle, she wonders how deep it is… She is a simple, happy little girl. She marvels at everything and is very, very empathetic.

Daddy Deary

Daddy Deary the raccoon is Lili and Leo’s adoptive father. He lives on the main floor of the large willow along with his two children.He’s the personification of paternal tenderness and cultural diversity. He’s a little overprotective of his kids, but he’s trying to take a step back.


The Genie dresses in classic genie attire and floats over the ground. When he’s around, magic and humour abound.He’s sensitive, paunchy, candid and extremely sympathetic. He loves living at the pond, he loves singing, and he’s curious and clumsy. He is creative and, as only he can do, usually puts forward novel but poor solutions to the problems that arise.

He’s a perfect example of someone who never gives up. He never despairs and always finds tons of inadequate solutions to problems.

Mr John

Mr. John is an elderly squirrel. He lives with Mr. Jack on the second floor of the great willow. He’s very polite, articulate and somewhat of a hermit. He dreams of being alone. He never complains out loud, but he is easily bothered, especially by Mr. Jack who he thinks is too “happy.” He doesn’t speak much, tolerates his roommate Mr. Jack, and is often grumpy. He likes doing crossword puzzles and reading.

Mr. Jack

Mr. Jack is an elderly squirrel. He lives with Mr. John on the second floor of the great willow. He also uses formal and polite language. It was his idea to become roommates with Mr. John and he LOVES it. He adores being with people. For Mr. Jack, life is magnificent, and just like a child, he has very intense emotions. He’s either very happy or very sad.

Mrs Hoo

Mrs. Hoo is an owl. She lives in a small apartment on the third and last floor of the willow tree. Because she can fly, that is how she prefers to get to her apartment. She always flies through the balcony. Mrs. Hoo has attention deficit disorder (ADD) and constantly jots notes into her notebook to remind her of things. Remember my hat, don’t forget my phone… Say hello to Mr. Jack.

Mrs Cottontail

Mrs Cottontail is a mother rabbit. She lives with Penelope in the trunk of a toppled tree near the big willow.She is gentle and not very intellectual. She has two passions in her life: her daughter and her cordless phone. She spends her time talking to Gertrude. She talks about her life, her daughter’s life, what she sees, what she imagines…

Why Genius Genie?

Some problems seem insurmountable, when all that’s required to find a solution is to look at the problem from a different angle. Use our reason. Think creatively.

Children are the adults of tomorrow. We believe a comedy that provides simple examples of what attitudes to adopt when faced with current problems would be very pertinent.

In fact, the adult characters will lower their arms and give up, while the young become heroes for finding the appropriate solutions. With this approach, we hope the audience will develop, through imitation, their logic skills and a positive attitude when faced with a problem.

Genius Genie’s universe is a calm, cozy world full of greenery, where everyone takes the time to live, listen, and understand. It is a world where the big need the small. It is a world where people put things in perspective, and where each problem has a solution. At the centre of this paradise is a pond on which a genie’s lamp has been floating forever. A genie lives in this lamp. A real genie, capable of appearing and disappearing at will in a PUFF of smoke.

Educational Content

The serie Genius Genie

While Genius Genie is entertaining, the series puts solving everyday problems in the foreground.

The series focuses on:

  • What is a problem?
  • What are the stages of problem solving?
  • Brainstorming
  • Simple mental operations:
    • Listing, comparing, observing, understanding and acting
    • Who, what, when, where, how, why?
  • Priorities and their importance

The following values will be explored:

  • self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, autonomy, self-confidence, accepting differences and diversity, perseverance, creativity and problem solving

The following good family values will be present:

  • mutual aid, parental respect and non-violence.